“Ask often, be content with a little and reward a lot” – Philippe Karl

Jason and Leanne have built a point of difference in their training that you won’t find anywhere else in the World – they are highly educated in the fields of equine bio-mechanics, horsemanship and classical dressage. The final, confident outcome of the training will be achieved without the use of compromising artificial aids (draw reins, martingales, market harboroughs or nosebands) or loss of the respect of your horse.

Our recommendation is that the earlier we commence the basic handling, the more relaxed each individual horse becomes for its future life.

From First Steps to Piaffe Stages 1 – 5

There are 5 stages in which your horse WILL benefit from our specialised training.

Stage 1 – First Steps – Weanling – 2 years

The ideal scenario is that we commence work with your baby as a weanling. At this stage we can introduce a lot of the necessary general handling.

  • Catching
  • Rugging
  • Leading
  • Feet Trimming
  • Tying up
  • Worming
  • Floating
  • Clipping
  • Washing

Stage 2 – The Backing Process (non-ridden)

To develop a physically and emotionally well-balanced horse for any discipline we believe it starts with the groundwork. We will take your baby and educate him or her through our initial stages of (if necessary) general ground manners, such as recommended in our weanling to 2 year old process. Once these traits are confident, we would move into our 4 non-ridden stages of training

  • Cavesson work
  • Lunging including cavelletti
  • Education of the Mouth
  • In Hand work

By setting the horses up this way at a young age we commence the development of their symmetry, strength, co-ordination and confidence.

Stage 3 – The Backing Process (ridden)

We like to wait until your horse is a minimum of 4 years old before we do the ridden facet of our Backing Process. This way, if you have been following our system you will have a horse that is physically and mentally adjusted for the ridden stages.

When you take your horse home you will have a confident, relaxed horse that walks, trots, canters and turns. This is the basis of all training right to the highest level.

Stage 4 – Developing the Ridden Horses Education

We take established horses of ALL breeds, ages and level of education for training. It doesn’t matter at what stage they come in,in the initial 4 stages of our system we will be able to pick up where the direction of the work should go. The horse will tell us and then we will aid you, the owner, to move forward in a confident manner with a logical training system that has ALL the answers.

Stage 5 – To Piaffe

The training of a horse is never finished, but it is exciting times when you are able to begin the high school movements. The success on the high school movements is based on the quality of the training prior.



You have been working on Piaffe from the day you first started working with your horse. Your horse was doing the movements to the limit of his or her education.

For example – the trot of a 4-year-old is the best he/she can produce in regard to balance, cadence and collection. In 3 years’ time with the correct training, your 7 year old horse will be doing the best trot he/she can produce with balance, cadence and collection AND in another 3 years, your 10 year old horse, with the correct training will have improved once again.

As the correct training progresses, so does the ability of the horse to perform these more difficult movements.

SO…. ANY horse of ANY breed has the potential AND THE ability to school to the highest of levels dependant on the training.

Float Training
Float Training

Transporting our loved and cherish horses is understandably a stressful time for both horse and owner. For floating your horse to be a success the horse needs to be educated in Tying Up, Leading and being in confined spaces and the owner needs to allow twice the amount of time to prepare for success. So, like any horse related goal the process has many steps for both horse and owner which Jason and Leanne will develop and then educate the owner to continue the education at home.

Tie Up Training
Tie Up Training

Our process of educating horses to stand relaxed involves many steps of preparing the horse to understand how to come off pressure and be happy about standing to be saddled, washed or to stay at your float. Safety of the horse in each step of this process is vital so the correct equipment and purpose-built facilities are used along with personal overseeing of the process is done by Jason or Leanne.

Jason and Leanne pride themselves on the fact that their daily training sessions are completed by themselves.

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