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Jason McInnes and Leanne Williams have combined forces to carry out clinics throughout Australia and New Zealand, providing the tools to solve any problems from foals through to the highest level of equestrian competition and everything in between.

Jason McInnes     ABOUT JASON

Over the past 20 years I have combined my experience with Classical Dressage Training, Natural Horsemanship and the study of equine bio mechanics to meet the needs of each horse and rider combination.

My unique humane first approach will address any situation using a combination of exercises to correct imbalances, crookedness and asymmetries to achieve flexibility, mobility, true straightness, relaxation and ultimately collection.

I happily work with all types of horses and riders at all levels of ability. Skills for both horse and rider are taught progressively and in a logical fashion that build on a solid foundation for both.

Ground work, Lunging, work in hand and ridden work combine to make a complete program that develops the horse mentally, emotionally & physically resulting in relaxation, an improved understanding and relationship between horse and rider and very importantly, longevity in the health, age and career of your horse.

Leanne Williams     ABOUT LEANNE

The desire to put the beauty of Classical Dressage into the competition arena is of utmost importance to me and my understanding of the Equine Bio-Mechanics is a huge asset to this. Combining this with my logical 5 step training program, I can help all riders educate their horse in a clear and respectful manner.

Step 1 — Cavesson
Step 2 — Lunging (including cavelletti)
Step 3 — Education of the Mouth
Step 4 — In Hand
Step 5 — Ridden

I am one of three Level 1 School of Légèreté Licensed teachers within Australia.  I am also an Equestrian Australia Level 3 Dressage Coach and Coach Educator and I have been lucky enough to have studied equine bio-mechanics with many of the great therapists that we have in Australia and Internationally.

I have competed Grand Prix on my gorgeous Clydie Cross, Avoca Black Saint.  During our time together we represented Australia in the World Dressage Challenge and Victoria at State and National level. Currently I am competing my home-bred horses Avoca Solomon and Avoca Rocket Man at FEI and Avoca Flaunt It at Medium.

Jason McInnes and Leanne Williams     TOGETHER

Leanne and Jason met a number of years ago whilst continuing their equine studies within the School of Légèreté. They were both drawn to the school because of the logical and empathetic manner in which the training system was developed by Philippe Karl.

Between them, they have in excess of 50 years’ experience in training horses, including, breeding, the initial handling, the backing process, groundwork, in-hand work, competition training and general horsemanship.

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