Our Clinic

**Is your DREAM to ride with LIGHTNESS and COLLECTION
coming true for YOU??

**Are RESPECTFUL training techniques important to YOU?

**Would you like to put BEAUTY back into the Dressage arena?

Come and surround yourself with like minded people for 2 days at one of the purpose built equestrian facilities we have selected and learn about the significance of "PELVIS FLEXION" before "POLL FLEXION".

This 2 day clinic will cater for all level of riders from any discipline in a relaxed, confidence building learning environment. Jason McInnes and Leanne Williams will provide you with the tools to initiate your journey.

What to expect over the 2 days:

  • 1 private lesson per day
  • 2 group sessions per day
  • White board discussions each morning
  • Position work on the Balimo (Balance in Motion) chair
  • Classical Gymnastic Lunging
  • Introduction to the Cavesson
  • Afternoon private lesson is about putting together the balance of the rider and horse from the morning sessions
  • Education of the mouth and In hand
  • In the evening, theory presentations on topics such as Bio-Mechanic's / Horsemanship / Dressage Test Riding or refinement in Classical riding

Clinic Timetable

Day 1

7.30am    Check in
8.00am    Introduction & the Training Scale
9.30am    Group lesson (Cavesson & Lunging) or (Balimo Chair)
10.30am  MORNING TEA
11.00am  Group Lesson (Cavesson & Lunging) or (Balimo Chair)
12noon    LUNCH
1.00pm    45min PRIVATE LESSONS with JASON or LEANNE

Evening - Dinner w Theory Presentation
“Joining the Dots between Riding & Equine Bio-Mechanics”

Day 2

7.30am    Check in
8.00am    Re-cap on prior day + whiteboard discussion
9.30am    Group lesson (Education of the Mouth)
10.30am  MORNING TEA
11.00am  Group Lesson (In Hand Work)
12noon    LUNCH
1.00pm    45min PRIVATE LESSONS with JASON or LEANNE (swap instructors)

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